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Power of Music Project

NB : The COVID 19 pandemic has not halted the delivery of this valuable project. It has been re-worked to enable online delivery when there have had to be some restrictions on school visits.

Heather and Zoe with ‘Stripe’

Our ‘Power of Music’ project for KS2, is a different take on music which links into the 2020 DfE Mental Health Awareness curriculum.

I wouldn’t want any child to leave primary school without [having experienced] it!” Sarah Joskey – Head teacher Wrington Primary School:

The project is a completely fresh stance on how to deliver music to children, not as a specialist subject, but as a tool that all teachers and pupils can access.  Its aim is to demonstrate how music can influence their mental health and positively affect the way they feel.  

Two one-hour workshops.

  • Workshop One: ‘How can we use music to help us?’  We demonstrate how and why we all have an emotional response to music and the science behind this.
    We show how music influences us already, how it can help young people learn; how music can contribute to their daily well-being just like sport and healthy eating.
  • Workshop Two: The Magical Musical Mind.  This workshop demonstrates how advertisers and film makers use music to influence our perceptions of what we see and buy.
    We show how composers combine different elements of music to elicit different emotions.
    If advertisers and film makers use music this way, so can we.

    Teachers and children are left with simple ideas of how to use music to make mental health a “normal part of daily life” (DfE strategy).
    Popular themes:
    • Children becoming ‘Musical Medicine Makers’ to help themselves and each other.
    • Having a ‘Musical Moment for the Mind’ in every day!
      Suggestions for these are given to the class teacher.

What Schools need to provide:
* A space large enough to seat the children all together.
* Screen/wall for projection.
* A power supply for the team’s own equipment.
The attendance and participation of the class teacher is essential.

Summary: the project helps with managing difficult feelings and change or encourage a different mood. 

Many schools have re-booked for this year’s year 5 pupils – testament to its success for both teachers and pupils.

Reviews from Heads, Teachers and Pupils.

Leader: Heather Walters, PGCE; MA.AMS (Advanced Musical Studies) Music Therapy, HCPC registered
Zoe Maitland-Round, BA Mus, Trustee of Churchill Music
Jane Johnson, BSc. PGCE, Project administrator.

Further information
Jan Murray 01934 853518
Jane Johnson

A ‘Lightbulb’ moment – ‘You don’t have to learn a musical
instrument to be musical’
Oldmixon Primary April 2021
Heather and Zoe