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Sing For Fun

Scientific research the has proved beyond doubt that singing has an incredible effect on the human body. It improves heart rates, reduces blood pressure, stress and anxiety and even makes us feel a whole lot happier.   Here is the link to Just One Thing’, the short programme featuring Dr. Michael Moseley and the research which carried out on the benefits of Singing. 

Churchill Music in partnership with Wrington Vale Medical Group’s Social Prescribers, West of England Rural Network (WERN) and the Village Agents is holding our ‘Sing For Fun’ – a weekly group which takes place from April 29th in St.Mary’s Church, Langford (next door to Touts supermarket and petrol station and good parking) from 1.30-2.30pm  with refreshments afterwards for those can stay on.  ALL are welcome. Our leader, Alison Blundell will guide us and give us excellent accompaniment.  It will return to All Saints, Wrington in the autumn.

It simply doesn’t matter if you think that you can’t sing or cannot read music as no music knowledge is needed just the impetus to take that ‘leap of faith’, and give it a go!  There are no judges or judgements.  See for yourself whether Dr. Moseley and the team at Imperial College are right.  You could well be truly amazed at the difference it can make.  
Rekindle some well-loved songs with an experienced musician and just have fun. 

Sing for Fun is free so that no one is excluded but if you can make a small donation towards our costs, naturally we would be extremely grateful.