Video 1 is out now . Founder of Bigger Better Brains, Dr Anita Collins, receives hundreds of emails from students around the world asking questions about neuromusical research. She can’t always get to answer every email which is really disappointing to her, so she decided to record a short video about the most asked questions she has received.

The video is freely available and covers the most asked questions from students, whether you are completing a project on music learning or writing an article as an assignment, and also explains how to judge and cite research correctly.
Dr Collins has also included a full text version of one of the best summaries of the research she has seen. Professor Susan Hallam from the UK has put a huge amount of energy into this summary and it is both easy to read and a great source of citations to base further investigation upon. Dr Collins has annotated this version of the paper with comments and great quotes that could be helpful for students.
We hope this video will help teachers to direct students in their studies as well as get them asking deeper and more complex questions about music learning and brain development.

Bigger Better Brains launches neuromusical research for students series.