Churchill Music is proud to announce that our patron, Peter Donohoe has received outstanding reviews of his new CD recording of Mozart sonatas in BBC Music Magazine (April 2019 edition).  “Gloves-off spontaneity imbues these magical scores with compelling vitality and freshness”  and “Blowing the cobwebs off Mozart sonatas” – just two of Julian Haylock’s comments.

Interviewing Peter, Julian Haylock stated, “You seem to have reinvigorated the pieces somehow…”  Peter responded, “It was probably subconscious, but I’m always aware that there’s a problem with tradition – not just in the sense of how to play it, but how to view it and its role in the history of music.  You’ve got to rid yourself of expectations and everyone else’s performances and recordings.  it’s something that I’ve felt about virtually all music, Mozart being, perhaps, the one that is the Everest of all that.”

Peter will be performing the first two of four concerts for us on March 30th.  The third and fourth concerts will take place on May 18th – all in the beautiful setting of St. John’s Church, Churchill.  Click here for more information



Peter Donohoe Mozart Sonatas Vol 1 CD is released to highest possible acclaim