Churchill Music!UK Registered Charity No 1121866
Patron: Peter Donohoe CBE

Never ones to sit idly back and let the world pass by, Churchill Music! is piloting 'Gran e-shenanigans' - a separate email list for grandparents and parents who would like to take their grandchildren/children to events which fall into the categories of good quality, exciting, educational and fun.

Gran e-shenanigans was hatched out of sheer frustration; knowing that such events were being held with no way of communicating them directly to people who would like to know about them, without intruding on the email space of those who definitely wouldn't!

All Gran e-shenanigan emails will be sent out as 'bcc's' (blind copies) so personal email addresses are not broadcast far and wide. NB. We are unable to sample the events that we pass on, so cannot accept responsibility for their content. We will only pass on information that comes from venues or theatre companies and we believe to be reputable. To access this service simply email your request to